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We take music to those who need it!


Those who are shielding due to Covid-19 or isolated for other reasons. 


Local people who are going through a tough time, carers and those struggling with their mental or physical health. 


Care homes, mental health supported living spaces, community wellbeing groups and more.



Using the power of music to make a difference in the community

Music brings us together. It is interactive, healing and a communicator where words often fail. At a time when many residents find themselves completely isolated and others lost or unemployed, music offers a simple yet powerful way to lift their spirits. It was the summer of Lockdown 2020 when the idea for 'Give a Song' arose and Founder Chloe Edwards-Wood teamed up with Goldsmiths Community Centre to make it happen. Not long after, two Lewisham musicians rocked up outside the house of an isolated resident and played 'Dancing in the street' from a safe distance. It was clear from that moment, this simple concept could have a huge impact on the wellbeing of our community


We now have a wonderful team of local musicians who bring joy into the lives of local residents who are isolated , families and children who need to shield, care home and supported housing residents , and individuals suffering from long term debilitating or chronic illness which limits their opportunities for social interaction. To date we've delivered 480 music visits and reached over 8000 residents!


Due to the collapse in the arts industries, many musicians are out of work and struggling with morale. This project has two sides to it as it gives many of those musicians a purpose and value, but we're also working to pay them through funding and your kind donations. That said, we do have a lot of volunteer musicians and other creatives who are financially stable and choose to donate their time to our cause. Without them this wouldn't be possible.

Huge thanks to Goldsmiths Community Centre for giving this project a platform and to Lewisham Local for funding us!

Even without the pandemic, music enhances lives.

Let's keep the music playing!


My nan won't stop giggling.

It really has made

her whole year.

She is SO happy, You are doing such a beautiful thing!

We loved it.

Couldn't stop the tears.

Thank you SO much - you guys rock and this project is just amazing!

Gorgeous singing, playing & a totally delightful experience.

She loved every minute of it and it literally reduced me to tears! Love them.

Sometimes it’s easy to think that people are selfish, but this has reminded me how kind people can be.


We need your help to keep the music playing



NCIL Funding

We're delighted to have received funding from Lewisham council to deliver a 'music together' programme for the community as part of the Covid-19m recovery!

2:18 in...


Thank you to everyone who donated!

With your help we've reached over 8000 residents !



Chloe on 07875039583